Why is it important to Learn CPR

11 Feb

Roughly 475,000 Americans suffer cardiac arrest.   Early CPR helps saves thousands of lives!   Around 45% of those would have survived of Cardiac Arrest had someone started early CPR

The goal of cardiopulmonary resuscitation is to save a life, but that doesn’t mean the work needs to be done by the time your role administering CPR is over. Sometimes, CPR is crucial in extending the patient’s life until the ambulance arrives, and that act alone, whether it takes seven minutes or half an hour, can be life-saving.

 Anyone has the power and the ability to save a life! With training this will make you confident.  You can be anywhere where such an emergency occurs and you could be they to their survival.  By doing chest compressions, you are at least manually trying to keep the blood flowing.

 So lets talk about what it is essential to know CPR: You could saved a loved one, you'll be confident when an emergency occurs, CPR prevents Brain Death,( Brain Death can occur after six minutes, if oxygen isn't supplied to the brain) It makes you smarter ( It teaches you about the human body, how blood circulation works and oxygen get through the body)

So at Stayin' Alive CPR, let us help you obtain the confidence to obtain this life saving goal!


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